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tv   State of the Union  CNN  December 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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don't maim your kid after your appliance. or a hash tag. perhaps a hoax. perhaps not. don't name your baby after siri. it doesn't even work. what are you saying about your kid? dean for me was a good name. it was a compromised name. my parents are both ethmick. my dad is palestinian, my mom is italian. much easier life being dean. >> thank you very much. great to see you. thanks, everybody, for watching today. state of the union with candy crowley starts right now. are sflirnks today republicans say the plan to avoid the fiscal cliff is a thelma and louise theory. >> we're trying to get these guys to come together and reach an agreement that's going to be good for the country and for the economy. >> then what now? with democratic senator mark
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warner and kelli ayote. benghazi and obama's second term. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. i'm candy crowley. and this is "state of the union." republicans call -- sufficed to say, it is unacceptable to them. the president's opening round offer includes $1.6 trillion in new taxes, $400 billion in savings from medicare and other entitlement programs, $50 billion in new stimulus spending, and an additional $285 billion to fund depreciation and mortgage programs, unemployment insurance benefits, and payroll tax cuts. >> this extra spending, heats actually greater than the amount they're willing to cut. i mean, it's -- it was not a
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serious proposal. >> wile his aides were on capitol hill offering up the opening bid, the president was making his case in pennsylvania campaign style. >> at the end of the day a clear majority of americans, democrats, republicans, independents, they agreed with a balanced approach. deficit reduction. >> after the president's remarks, spoik with his main man on the fiscal cliff, treasury secretary tim geithner. >> let me ask you, the reaction to your going up on the hill and saying this is basically the white house position has been -- mitch mcconnell saying i think it was just demeaning for them to ask the treasury secretary to come up here and give a proposal like this and by this we have people saying it's a sham, it's -- you know, ridiculous, it's a nonstarter. when you went up there, you didn't think republicans were going to go good idea.
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>> you know, what we're trying to do is get these guys to come together and reach an agreement that's going to be good for the country and good for the question xhe. >> by these guys you mean you all and the republicans. >> and democrats together. >> and the white house. >> that's what we're trying to do. what we did was put forward a very comprehensive, very carefully designed mix of savings and tax reforms to help us put us back on the path to stabilizing our debt and fixing our debt and living within our means. we've been very detailed about how to do that, both on the spending side and revenue side, and we think this is a good plan for the country, and it does the most important thing, which is it gives 98% of americans the certainty your taxes aren't going to go up, and it gives us a chance to make sure we're protecting medicare for future generations and gives us the ability to lock in a set of carefully designed reforms that put us back on the path to fiscal balance. it's its a very good plan, and we think it's a good basis for these conversations. >> it's a starting point because
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when you look at it, the president said in september i am still willing to deal with republicans and, you know, $2.50 worth of cuts for every dollar's worth of revenue raising. this is nowhere near that. >> that's not what people -- what we are proposing is consistent with that. we have roughly $2 of spending cuts if you include what's already been enacted. >> does that count here? if it's already enacted. >> of course, it counts. >> that was your debt ceiling deal, correct? >> no, that was -- let's just go back. we've been having this conversation with republicans for about 18 months, and from the beginning what we all agreed is we need roughly $4 trillion in savings over ten years. we've been doing that in stages. we did $1 trillion in spending cuts up front. we proposed a balanced mix of change on the tax side and spending side to go beyond that, and look at it together, it's roughly two to one spending cuts versus tax increases. now, we've been very detailed about what we can do on the spending side. we proposed $600 billion in cuts
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in health care programs, other programs under ten years. republicans are -- we don't expect them to like all of these proposals, and all we can do is lay out what we belief in and ask them to come back and say what they would prefer to do. >> one of the things that the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said was, listen, if you take higher premiums for the wealth pioli many medicare, you increase the eligibility age in medicare to eventually bring it to the parody of social security. if you slow the costs of living in social security and other entitlements sshgs that good with you? those things? >> there are a lot of ideas from democrats and republicans. >> how about these specific ones? >> there's a lot of ideas out there, but what i can do today is explain to you what we think makes the most sense and what's in the proposal today. again, we're prepared to listen to what republicans suggest we do, but we can't react until
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they've given us a proposal we can look at and see how it all fits together. >> do they have your proposal? they put on a piece of paper. we were told it wasn't an actual plan. so there's an actual plan on a piece of paper saying here it is. >> we've laid out a comprehensive detailed framework of how we do it and in what stages with $600 billion of spending cuts spread over ten years. i think right now the best thing to do is for them to come to us and say, look, here's what we think makes sense. we've told them what we think makes sense. what we can't do is try to figure out what's going to be good for them. they have to tell us. >> and by that you mean in terms of cuts because you know what they want in taxes. they don't want to have tax rates go up on the wealth pioli. you know that they want to do something about entitlements. the way this looks to them, if you take a republican side of this having seen your plan today, the administration plan today, is they're asked to do $1.6 trillion in revenue raising or tax increases, however you want to say it, and there is no certainty of any cuts here.
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there's sort of -- here's this $400 billion, and, you know, it's not guaranteed but we'll talk about it next year. if you're a republican, you don't take that deal. $50 billion in stimulus, and that's more spending, not less. there's just a lot of things in the air, and not to mention you all want to control the debt ceiling. that's just not -- i mean, can you understand how that's a nonstarter for them. >> ition be. that's not what we're proposing. we're proposing a balanced mix, higher rates and deductions for the wealthiest americans along side detailed measurable up front reforms on other government programs, so that together -- >> such as? >> again, in medicare, in health programs. we've still laid out $600 billion. a couple of examples, but can you look at the details. we preposed reform and limit farm subsidies, which can save a significant amount of money, and in health care we proposed things, like, for example, raising premiums modestly for higher -- we propose to get the government much smarter in how
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it purchases medicine. those are just three examples, but there's $600 billion of detailed policy in that program which along side the trillion we did together that's already in place and the savings we get from wibding down these wars is a substantial package. >> you have a $16 trillion debt, and you did $1 trillion of it, and that was in order to get yo debt ceiling raised. how does that count -- >> it counts because it reduces the deficit. we're here trying to reduce the long-term deficit. >> they want new ones, the republicans? >> again, we're prepared to do these on the spending side. what we're not going to do is extend those tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. those cost $1 trillion over ten years. there's no possibility that we're going to find a way to get our fiscal house in order without those tax rates going back up. again, along side that we're prepared to do some very detailed things on the spending side, and we're -- >> there's no guarantee, right? didn't that say that? at least according to the
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read-out we got, your plan, so you can feel free to connect direct e correct me because you haven't given me a read-out of it. >> guaranteed up front measurable savings scored by sea enacted into law. the only guarantee is when congress enacts policies. >> you would be willing to go for specific things and guarantee that there would be a specific amount of cuts? >> of course, of course. >> but that's next year? >> no, that's not true. we're prepared to do up front along side a deal that includes raising rates. we are prepared to do a meaningful amount of savings on the spending side. not just to avoid the damage of the see quester, but to help reduce the long-term deficits. >> you want them -- you want them to come forward for the cuts. >> in general we've laid out a detailed plan. we would be happy to look at an alternative plan, but they have to lay that out for us. both on the revenue and rates side. also on the spending side. that's just a reasonable way. we can't sit here and try to
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figure out what works for them. they have to tell us what works for them. let's go to the context. this is something we can do. i think we're going to get there. there's too much at stake not to get there. not just for the american economy, but for the world economy. we have a chance to do something very good for the country, very good for the country now. not just protecting 98% of americans from seeing an increase in their taxes, not just preventing the threat of default hanging over the country in the future, not just preventing deeply damaging spending cuts, but doing something to create room to invest in infrastructure, strengthen the economy, get more people back to work, and putting our long tv term fiscal house in order. there's no surprise. you're a pro at this. there's going to be a lot of political theater between now and when we get there. >> is this a part of that political theater? this is your opening gambet here. it's not -- you know you're not going to get what you went up there -- >> what we're trying to do -- this is the only way i know how to do these things. you have to be clear and direct with people about what you want
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and what you need and what's important for the country, and that's what we did. in those proposals, no surprise. there are things the president campaigned on. the country has had a chance to think about the proposals. they're overwhelmingly supported by the american people and the business community, and that's why we think that ultimately they're going to be the basis for an agreement. >> so the $50 billion in stimulus, let's take that that's in there for roads and infrastructure, et cetera. if you don't get that, no deal? >> we have huge support in the business community for that. >> if you don't get that? >> it's good for the economy. it makes the businesses more competitive. gets more americans back to work. it's something we can afford. those proposals we made to strengthen growth are things we pay for in this -- we show how to pay for it. how to make sure they're using the savings for wars, for example, to invest in things that are important to america, and what we're asking people to do is to make a modest investment in making this country stronger. >> right. again, you know where this is going.
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john boehner, again, speaker, said we're at a stalemate. is that how you would describe where things are? >> i think we're far apart still, but i think we're moving closer together. >> where are you closer? >> the republicans have said for the first time in decades, if i'm not mistaken, the leaders of the republican party, that they are prepared to raise taxes as part of a deal that helps reduce our long tv term dif sit. what they haven't said is how far they're willing to go on rates and revenues, and that's what we need to see from them. >> they said no increased rates. >> but that's -- but they know this. there's not going to be an agreement without rates going up. there's not -- >> you'll go off the fiscal cliff in the republicans say, sorry, no way are we going to raise rates for the -- on the wealth pioli. you guys are willing to go off -- >> if republicans are not willing to let rates go back up and we think they should go back to the clinton levels, the time when the american economy was doing exceptional well, there will not be an agreement. >> you would be willing to let
6:13 am
that happen? >> it's kind of a choice for the country to pay for, correct? we share some responsibility for you all. you would let that happen. fine, you don't want new tax rates. we're out of this. >> what we're trying to do is to get them to come together and join us and doing something that's good for the american economy, and we recognize that's going to require spending savings, not just revenue increases on the top wealthiest 2% of americans. >> and you propose the spending side. you like to see what they want? >> we proposed detailed proposal on both sides. if they want to go beyond that, they should tell us what they like to do. if they want to do it differently -- >> whose turn is this? where are we in this? >> the ball really is with them now. again, they're in a hard place. they're having a tough time trying to figure out what they
6:14 am
can do. that's understandable. this is very difficult for them. we might need more time to figure out where -- >> we don't have a lot of time. >> you can't wait very long. what we are trying to do is be as clear as we can with what is essential to us and what we like to have and what we think is good for the american economy and what we need to hear from them now is what do they think makes this. >> in terms of cuts? you know what they think makes sense in terms of revenues. >> no, they haven't told us yet what the revenues ask rates or even reducks. there's been nothing except for a vague recognition, which we welcome. the revenues are going to have to go up. that's part of it, but that's just the -- >> no rate hikes, but my final question because you're going to leave us at some point, i guess, after this fiscal cliff thing is cleared up in some form. when you look back over your four years here, when you look back at the stimulus plans, $7 trillion plus, where we are right now in the economy, economic recovery, is this
6:15 am
honestly where you thought you would be when you started out trying to physician the economy you got? >> i think we're in a much stronger position today as a country than we were in 2007 in a way when the president came to office. >> i just wonder if you think looking forward that this was where you thought we would be. did you think we would be better off? >> to me i think we're in a much better position than actually i thought was realistic, and in those darkest days of this financial crisis, when there was a real risk of catastrophic collapse, and i think all americans would be much more confident today than any time in the last four or five, six years that we have a better foundation for broad-based growth. i'm proud of being part of that. even with although challenges that we've had. >> mr. secretary, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. . will congress beat the clock on the fiscal cliff? >> there's a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. >> democratic senator mark
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and a 30-tablet free trial. >> joining me are mike warner of virginia and kelli ayote of new
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hampshire. thank you both for being here. senator, first to you. you heard the republican reaction to what timoney thi geithner brought to capitol hill. it seems to me it kind of moved things backwards. there was sort of this, okay, okay, we're -- we'll put revenue on the table, and then suddenly people are saying, well, we're really far apart. we're at a stalemate. did it do more harm than good? >> i don't think so. when they first met, the president laid out his opening offer many terms of a down payment. let's go ahead and have the rates go back up, which, by the way, was the assumption that was made in the simpson-bolles plan, it was the subjects made in the gang of six. you can still do tax reform off that higher base. then they said month, that's not enough. give us your full plan because as somebody who spent more time doing business deals than i have in politics, you lay out a term sheet. the president laid out a term sheet with all the details. i think in any negotiation i've been involved in, you put down a
6:21 am
term sheet, the other side comes back and says, no, i like this part, i don't like this part, and my hope would be that they would actually get to those negotiations because every day that clicks off, we are hurting the economy as we go into the christmas retail season as people are probably not buying because they may not know all the details of the cliff, but they know bad stuff is going to happen if we don't get our act together and get this done. >> senator, you heard the treasury secretary say, well, now it's up to the republicans. they have to bring us something. what would that something be? >> well, candy, let me just say i was disappointed by the president's proposal. i think it's essentially a rerun of his budget proposal and the revenue propefls are, you know, $1.6 trillion in revenue and tax increases. it's a massive tax increase, but also also not significant and meaningful entitlement reforms, which is, as you know, the speaker came pardon and put revenue on the table and said for republicans we really want to solve this, and i want to commend senator warner for the work he has done on the gang of
6:22 am
six and also the go big principles because that's contained really three components. you know, revenue, spending cuts, meaningful entitlement reforms. obviously, we need to give that certainty to our economy as well. we want to solve this, and i think the speaker ernestly wants to solve this. i was disappointed by the president's initial proposal here. >> do you think the president has to get more involved in this? we've seen some republicans are saying where is he? well, he was up in his campaign style event on friday while geithner was presenting this, and honestly, senator, there's -- as you point out, there are three kind of critical business weeks coming, certainly for retail, and it has taken us almost a month since the election for the president to put out what everybody already knew he wanted, so what -- >> the first meeting, the president laid outlet the rates go back up. the assumption that simpson-bolles had, the assumption that gang of six hilary clintons and said to our republican colleagues give us back what you want for a down
6:23 am
payment. we're not going to solve all of this by the end of the year. then they said no, give us more details. through sakt geithner they've laid out more details. i think it's also -- >> in terms of new details, and it's taken so long. >> it's also incumbent on the president to realize that this is a conversation that he has to have not just with washington but the rest of the country. bringing in business leaders, small business leaders, going out across the country. one reason i think why this time it's going to be different from the failures of the past, the debt krilg debacle, the failure of the super committee, is i think the american people and particularly the american business community, realize what's at stake, and i think an awful lot of us, frankly, in both parties who are willing to get there -- i want to commend kelli as well. there's been a big group of us, well in excess of the majority in the senate who say we're willing to do our part. we want to give the speaker and the president room to get the framework, but we'll help fill in the details as we go forward. >> senator ayotte, there's not
6:24 am
much time left here, and it does seem like an inordinate amount of time, almost a month has passed, and we have a description of stalemate and way far apart. >> candy, i see that as swre disappointing, a big problem. that's why i didn't like seeing that essentially it was a rerun of his budget that couldn't get support from either party in the house or the senate. it is time. i see, you know -- for the speaker to come forward and put revenue on the table, that was -- >> he put revenue on the table the day after the election. >> that was very difficult. i know that mark understands that, but the primary drivers of our fiscal crisis when we think about it, we don't want to go bankrupt. we don't want to be like greece. entitlement reforms, the majority of our spending, and also to make sure that those programs are preserved 2024 medicare is insolvent. social security 2023. it is time for us to come together and solve the big
6:25 am
problems. >> do you think entitlements have to be on the table? >> putting revenue on the table versus specificity is really two different things. as a business guy, you got to have a term sheet with details. if the republican leadership -- >> senator mcconnell said, hey, you know what, let's raise the -- >> the president doesn't like the details in the term sheet that secretary geithner laid out, then come up with a counter term sheet. we've got to get past the kind of washington decoder speak and say specifically how do we get there? i also believe that one of the things we need to get to is major tax reform, but we need to go ahead and lay down what we're going to get done before the end of the year, and then how we get to that -- i believe at least $4 trillion in deductions. >> i have to take a quick break, so they'll stay with us after a short break. i do want to come back and ask you about president obama's u.n. ambassador susan rice. has the benghazi incident ruined her chance to come the next secretary of state? can i help you?
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we're back with senators mark warner and kelli ayotte. final wrap-up question. do you both agree with the following? this deal has to happen and this deal will happen before the end of the year. >> it has to happen, candy, and i truly hope that it does happen, and -- but i'm really disappointed by the president's initial proposal, and i think that we've got to get beyond, you know, the tax rate issue. i just want to say one thing. republicans have offered closing loopholes, deductions, or capping deductions. there's more revenue there. the tax rate issue is more of a political proef. it's time for us to get to the table and resolve it. i think there's some will, though, among both parties to get this done. >> i hi it will get done. quite honestly, fwegt this done will do more to jump-start jobs and the economy than any single policy proposal that either governor romney or president obama put out during the campaign.
6:31 am
>> okay. let me turn you to benghazi. you've been quite outspoken, senator, i know about susan rice, the u.n. ambassador, the things that she said on the sunday following the benghazi attack which turned out not to be true. are her chances to become secretary of state should the president nominate her, and we expect something to happen this week on that, are her chances over? >> well, candy, i did meet with her this week. i remain very troubled not only myself, for example, the ranking republican susan collins of the homeland security committee raised some very important questions after meeting with her. here's where we are. after the meeting with her lfs an impression that she went on and repeated some unclassified talking points on all the sunday shows, but she had the daily intelligence briefings, including the lassfied talking -- materials that basically had -- that individuals with ties to al qaeda were involved.
6:32 am
she did. that -- she had reviewed it before going on sunday shows, and went on the sunday shows and went beyond the talking points saying we have decimated al qaeda and said things like the attacks were a result of the -- direct result of our heinous and offensive video. that was want in the talking points. said that the security at our consulate was substantial, strong, significant. that's not in the talking points. frankly, not supported by the record. i mean, what happened that day? >> has susan rice disqualified -- >> nothing i have heard in my mind would disqualify her thus far. now, that's amazing to me that we should be focussing on not so much what was said about which talking points, but how did the tragedy where four americans were killed in benghazi happened. we got a state department investigation headed up by tom pickering and former general mullen. we've got the intelligence community in which i served we're now in a series of hearings looking at that. how do we make sure?
6:33 am
i'm sure kelli and i would agree that we have appropriate protection for our state department personnel. how do we make sure if we come under assault that we have assets to come in and protect them. what i find remarkable is the president hasn't even nominated anyone yet. why are we spending all this time if you nominate secretary rice or ambassador rice, we ought to have these discussions. what we ought to be looking at is what happened in benghazi, how do we make sure it never happens again? >> do you find it interesting? that happened september 11th. it's now december 2nd, and we still don't know what happened, why there was no security. isn't it part of that overall discussion? >> i agree with what mark said many terms of the big picture question here. why don't we know yet? why was the consulate so unsecure given the prior attacks, given that the british left, the red cross left, and also during a seven-hour attack why couldn't we help those individuals, but also, this talking point issue, i hope that our intelligence wasn't politicized because there have
6:34 am
been some intelligence failures and questions here. we've had three stories on the talking points, so that's important just for making sure that our intelligence is solid going forward. >> these talking points came at the request of the house intelligence community. if there was a way to make sure we get it cleaned up and they were amended four days later, again, we'll get into this if this individual is nominated, but i think at the end of the day we make sure we never have this kind of tragedy again, and candidly, back to the issue before, in 30 days we have to decide whether this country is going to go over a cliff that would be dramatic to our economy and the world's economy. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, candy. ahead, president obama back in campaign mode, and, later, the election ended four weeks ago, but some people are still voting. how one lingering race might affect speaker boehner's future negotiations with the white house. walmart-preferred rx plan p-d-p gives you a low $18.50 monthly plan premium... and select generic hypertension drugs available for only a penny...
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>> of course, santa delivers everywhere. i have been keeping my own naug naughty and nice list for washington, so you should keep your eye on who gets some k'
6:39 am
nects this year. there will be some members of congress who get them and some who don't. >> president obama traveled to pennsylvania for a campaign style event on friday where he toured a local toy factory and delivered remarks on the looming fiscal cliff. joining me around the table amy stoddard, associates editor for "the hill" and montana governor brian schweitzer and carly fiorina and susan paige. thank you all. i wanted to start with that soundbyte because the president was talking about who is naughty and who is nice. i talk to lawmakers, both democrats and republican who said, really, is this -- we're offended by it. is this idea of gathering public support working for the president? >> well, as you discussed with secretary geithner, these discussions at least to republicans are moving backwards now. he has enflamed the situation on
6:40 am
the republican side making john boehner's challenge much deeper. they see it as a waste of four weeks, as you also pointed out because they've known what their ultimate opening bid would be all along. they need to get down to business. going out on the campaign -- on a campaign style trip and calling them scrooged snkt going to help, and i think they have to get in a room and get going. a deal takes more than an hour to put together, and serious talks have to begin. republicans are really very angry about the way this week unfolded. >> governor, i mean, it does seem like -- you understand you need the public behind you and the president's best energy has always come from outside washington, but it doesn't seem to have helped negotiations, especially where we've seen them right now. what is the point of, a, a proposal that pretty much they say, oh, yeah, we knew all had stuff before the election. >> let's not forget how this
6:41 am
started. the president was elected by all of the people many the country. we have 535 members of congress who were elected from all over the country. >> i think a lot of folks think he is now governing in -- or at least putting proposals out there like 100% of the vote -- >> congress create this so-called cliff. they decided there would be a date certain where everything would unravel. it wasn't the president that did it, and now he has laid something on the table. it's time for congress to act. to say that their feelings are hurt, you know, put on the big boy pants for girls and boys and let's get this job done. >> you know, there's been a lot of talk around this town about the movie "lincoln." in that movie lincoln m service of a big idea expended enormous political personal capital and negotiated a deal. what we have here is a president in the service of a small idea,
6:42 am
taxing the wealth pioli, who has put forward no personal political capital to actually get a deal done with these guys. you have senator warner on earlier who said rightly so, you know, when you management a deal certain things happen. i negotiate a lot of deals too, and what i know is for a deal to get done, it has to feel like win-win. the president has to give republicans something that they can say they won. if he is going to insist on not investing his own personal skin in the game and insist on win-lose, we're not going to get a deal. >> susan, to the democrats side is wait a second, we did win. we did win the election. they consider that this was a public support. the exit polls prove. an increase in taxes on the wealth pioli. that's kind of their position at this point. i was interested when i asked secretary geithner -- he said there's a certain amount of political theater. are we just in the political theater stage and none of this is serious?
6:43 am
>> you know, look at the date. it's december 2nd. it's not december 29th. that might be when things get serious. if you were planning to make new year's eve plans, i would suggest you cancel them because under what circumstances would washington act by december 15th if the deadline is not until the end of the year? i heard something else interesting, though, in what secretary geithner told you. he said there will not be a deal unless they -- he didn't say rates have to go up to the level -- to clinton levels, right? that's where i think you begin to see the outlines of the deal that we will end up having, hopefully, at the end of the year. >> do you see signs of republicans that, yes, i have heard this too from actually republican aides. i haven't -- not minimum that was willing to put their name on it and would vote on it, but who said, you know, we sort of see that there probably will be something around tax rates, but it won't be back up to the clinton levels, and it may be for not the $250,000 limit. is there anything up there that
6:44 am
makes you think republicans would give on the rates? >> republicans have told me privately they will give on the rates. they are not in the interest of this election in defending millionaires. the rates go -- the threshold for tax increases moves off of 250,000 to 500, 750,000, 800,000, a million. they will budge on rates. it will probably end up being somewhere around 37%. it's time for some give. they don't want to say it at the mikes, but they've been saying it all along. you know we're going to have to budge on rates. if they're going to budge on revenue and rates, what is the president willing to give? that's how the deal gets done. what happens is what republicans are saying is if the final hour if he has given us nothing, we'll just budge on rates, and then that's still not enough to close the deal. that's all they'll get. he wl not get a debt ceiling increase, and without that we're back at this four weeks later. >> i think we all know there will be a deal. it won't be the grand deal. it will be a mini-grand deal,
6:45 am
and most americans have been involved in deals. you've either bought a car or a house. if you make an offer on a car and they immediately accept it, there was a damn fool that showed up that day. we don't know which one. there's always got to be a little bit of a give and a take when you do a deal. you make an offer and they say no make another offer, and they say maybe. >> the problem is that the president isn't yet making offers that people know how to deal with. i think you were brilliant in trying to get secretary geithner to acknowledge that. the truth is -- he was on his talking points. i think the point is that what i worry about now, i don't think anyone on capitol hill is going to let us go offer the cliff, but i think what might happen is people come to the brink and say we got to punt another time, we've got to push the deadline out, we can't get there yet, and
6:46 am
i don't think that's particularly good for the country either, and honestly, i think people say, my gosh, we've known this is coming for, what, 18 months? why is it down to the last three weeks? >> i'm going to give you the next -- last word after this, but next up, the front runners for 2016. only 47 months until the next presidential election day. to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. anne's tablet called my phone. anne's tablet was chatting with a tablet in sydney... a desktop in zurich... and a telepresence room in brazil. the secure cloud helped us get some numbers from my assistant's pc in new york.
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we talked about the presidential
6:51 am
election. what caught my fancy is congressman ryan and senator rubio will be at the jack camp center as guests. i believe rubio or ryan is receiving an award. just 2016 came to mind fp fp you're looking at which ever one catches your fancy, the democratic landscape or the republican landscape for 2016, these are pretty prominent names. >> i think they're both top contenders on the republican side. paul ryan is the defacto leader. he's supposed to be very influential though he's hiding from the press which is interesting. we know that marco rubio is running. will ryan support it. will he gets blamed if he does
6:52 am
by the purist in the party. will marco rubio turn immigration around which is very risky with the base. >> it's interesting where the republicans have now suffered a loss. clearly mitt romney is not going to be be party leader. they don't actually have one and you watch the wilderness fight for a while. >> candy, i hate to say this because i know we all want to play along with 2016. i think part of the problem in washington is everyone is focused on next election. it's always an excuse not to get something done. i think the american people think we just went through an election now that you all have jobs can we solve problems and get something done. 2016 will be here way too soon and people are already running for office on both sides. honestly, i wish people would remember whatever party they're in you got elected this time a month ago to do a job and there's a big job to do.
6:53 am
>> washington is so dysfunctional. only washington, d.c. is talking about 2016. the rest of the country is trying to create jobs. they're trying to get their kids off to school. they're trying to make payments on their house and car. washington 2016 completely out of touch. >> i know you attended the dinner i was unable to go to. there was some mention of people on the democratic side. >> this was the winner at which president obama first met mitt romney. you were the speaker last time. maybe it's now time for 2016 politics but it sounded like somebody who was interested in talking to the national press. montana has never had a presidential nominee. does that mean -- tell us about that. >> you don't have your hat with you but go ahead.
6:54 am
>> look, dpagain, it's way too early to talk about 2016. i'm governor until january. i'll no longer have a governor's mansions or security. i'll no longer have a driver. i think i said i have a warm regard for people. >> which is not a no. have a nice couple of weeks left. thank you. up next, the last remaining race of 2016 and what's at stake for speaker john boehner. with the spark cash card from capital one,
6:55 am
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6:58 am
finally, we know in this holiday season many of you and honestly a number of us continue to be thankful the election is over except, of course, our viewers in the third u.s. congressional district of louisiana. election 2012 lives on in the third and maybe it's fitting that's an intramural race fitting a conservative republican against a slightly different republican. >> i offer with my experience, conservative leadership that
6:59 am
gets results and has credibility and conservative leadership you can trust. >> send conservative leadership to washington. >> they are victim os of a political version of the game of musical chairs. redistricting forced two sitting congressmen to compete for one seat. state law sends them into a run off and that sends louisianans to the polls one more time this week. >> enough is enough. >> they voted 92% of the time in more than 1500 recorded votes. now they are locked in a nasty second round election fight. >> if we don't get rid of those people who fail to solve the problems and continue to kick the can down the road we're